20 Years Later

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The Princess Bride cast reunion photo via EW.

Which Star Wars Profession Best Fits You

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Just in case you were wondering, here’s a helpful flowchart. « Read the rest of this entry »

Q&A with Tullian Tchividjian

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Desiring God has posted the video and audio from their live broadcast with Tullian Tchividjian.

Word Designs

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John Saddington at Church Create has posted some awesome original designs for each book of the Bible by Jim Lepage, a Christian graphic and web designer. He developed them to combine his love of design with his desire to read the Bible more.

These are just a few but you can view the rest of his growing collection on his website.

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Moreland Joins the Blogosphere

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The Christian apologist and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, is now blogging.

The Live-Action Trailer for Halo 3:ODST

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IGN has released the rocking live-action trailer for the video game Halo 3: ODST. The commercial shows snapshots in the life of an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, beginning with him as child witnessing a funeral and ending with him as scarred soldier mourning a fallen comrade. The brief war scenes against the Covenant are fast-paced and well done, with an Omaha-beach-landing-introduction to the battle and tense encounter with a Covenant Brute. The ODST may be an impassive, well trained instrument of war but he is no Master Chief and the clip makes it clear that the new game will emphasize a different kind of hero.

Given this trailer, it’s no surprise that many are again asking questions about the Halo film project and why exactly it failed. Video games  have never translated well to celluloid, but the Haloverse has more depth than you would expect (fleshed out in some of the novels). And the central war with the Covenant, too, is no worse an impetus for story-telling than that of many other sci-fi outings. However, Neill Blomkamp, who was once signed on to direct the Halo film (and then went on to helm the spectacular District 9) pointed out that one of project’s hurdles was the game’s main protagonist. Master Chief worked well in the video game but did not hold much weight, dramatically, because of his faceless nature.

Rumours about the project have continued to surface (a script by Stuart Beattie adapting The Fall of Reach is the last I heard) but at the moment the rights to the production are with Microsoft and it will be interesting to see if they take the positive reaction to this trailer as cause to revisit its status.

The game launches on the 22nd of this month.

Worlds Collide: the Hitchens v Wilson documentary teaser

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Who would have thought that gangster rap would make the perfect soundtrack to presuppositional apologetics? This teaser showcases the documentary, Collision, to be released on DVD next month. Directed by Darren Doane, the film follows the debate tour of New Atheist author Christopher Hitchens and pastor Douglas Wilson. Both are sharp commentators. Both wield their humour with acerbic edge  (say what you will about Hitchen’s bluster and lack of philosophical roots, he is still a witty and often entertaining writer). So an exchange between them is likely to be a fascinating subject for a documentary.

Debates are already a spectacle in and of themselves, with enormous drama and emotional investment (some may even argue that that is all they are). But this kind of film has the ability to take us even further into the drama. With slick cuts and its unique visual style, the film brings a whole new dimension to the event and to the argument that was the focus for the tour (“Is religion good for the world?”). Our culture has a clear obsession with the visual over the abstract and it will be interesting to see whether the film can successfully communicate some of the ideas that inspired the exchange in the first place, or whether the medium will swallow the message and engulf those ideas in the foreground of personalities.

The DVD comes out on the 27th (you can preorder now on amazon). You can also pick up the book there that Wilson and Hitchens both co-authored on the same topic. Also worth reading is their email exchange at Christianity Today.

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Weekend Miscellany

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Well, it’s Saturday and I am bemired in the early hours of the morning. The first day of the second cricket test between Bangladesh and the Black Caps has been abandoned, so I’m left to the rain and the sounds of a not-quite asleep city as I put together a power point presentation on New Atheism.

Anyway, a few items of interest from the intraverse.

  • A new Stargate splinter series, Stargate Universe focuses on a new crew, quest and setting. This time a group of explorers gate onto an Ancient ship, Destiny, and cannot return to Earth. More details and concept art on the SciFi.com site.
  • This is absolutely brillant. Viral marketing has began for Gentlemen Broncos, the new film from Napoleon Dynamiter, Jared Hess. Fox searchlight has set up a website about one of the central characters from the movie, a Dr Ronald Chevalier – played by our very own Jemaine Clement (from the Flight of the Conchords). There are two videos, one on inspiration and the other on the art of relaxating. Celestially classic.

  • AOL asks where the cast of Buffy are now?
  • CT referees, and adjudges it: Fireproof 1, Religulous 0. Really, they’re apples and oranges but for those that are counting, Fireproof has made 21 million and Bill Maher’s doco has pulled 9 million.
  • Though long rumoured, BioWare finally annouced its plans for a Star Wars MMO. As a Star Wars Galaxies junkie and big fan of BioWares original rpgs this should have been big for me. Yet, the art direction on this seems massively skewed to a WOW-clone. I’ll be watching, albeit circumspectly.

New Photos from the Star Trek Reboot

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Paramount Pictures has been disseminating new pics from the new J J Abrams directed Star Trek film. I have to say, I’m digging the new look.

I was particularly intrigued by what Entertainment Weekly quotes Abrams as saying in its feature article about the new film:

“All my smart friends liked Star Trek,” [Abrams] says. ”I preferred a more visceral experience…that grabbed me the way Star Wars did.” That meant a bigger budget and better special effects than any previous Trek film, plus freedom to reinvent the mythos as needed.

With my allegience firmly tied to Lucas’ scifi vision over Rodenberry’s, I can’t let this go: the new director responsible for the rejuvenation of the future of the Trek franchise enjoyed Star Wars more? Hurt, much?

Although the plot details are still skeletal, what we do know is that the film weaves the origins of the crew of the Enterprise, showing how Kirk and Spock came to be friends. Also, that there is an attack on the USS Kelvin by the Romulan villain known as Nero (played by Eric Bana), hunting one of the film’s central characters (see the pics of the damaged Starship). I wonder if this attack my coincide with the rumours that there may be a time travel aspect to the story.

A second full trailer will be attached to the Bond film, Quantum of Solace, which is released on November 14.

Photos courtesy of MTV, UGO, Ain’t it Cool News, Yahoo, SlashFilm, IGN, JoBlo, and TrekMovie.

The Visual Word

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It’s hard to deny our appetite for the visual. Yet the power of the image to draw out our emotion can in itself be both perilous and propitious. While spectacle can have the ability to circumvent our critical faculties and tyrannize our imagination, the visual also the unique ability to cast open windows into truth with extraordinary immediacy. The efforts of Chris Harrison, a Ph.D student at Carnegie Mellon University, to visually represent the intertextuality of the Bible demonstrates this quite amazingly. Using 63,000 cross references collated by an Evangelical Lutheran Pastor in Germany, Harrison’s visualization received an honourable mention in the National Geographic 2008 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge.

In Harrison’s representation the 1,189 chapters of the Bible are plotted along the horizontal axis at the bottom of the image, with each bar’s length determined by the number of verses. The rainbow arcs above the graph show the cross-references between each chapter.

While my flagging internet connection won’t permit me to examine the hi-res version of the multi-coloured arc (it’s weighs in at about 109 MB) , I would be interested in getting a closer look to understand what kind of markers are used to identify the interconnectedness. Still, it’s beautiful. Even for a graph.

Click on the picture for the medium sized version and check out this page for his other projects in representing data in equally complex and elegant ways (HT: Claude Mariottini).

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