Official Trek Posters

A set of posters for the still-distant Star Trek film have been released on its official site. We get our first polychromatic view of Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Nero; the skulking, misunderstood Romulan. With 288 days till its opening, and the inscrutable decision not to front at the years epicenter of geekism – the San Diego Comic Con, Paramount will be hoping this might appease its fulminating fans.

Of course, my allegiance falls to star-flung quadrants other than those purveyed by the Star Trek franchise. But say what you want of my blinkered fealty to midichlorians over dilithium crystals, the aging Star Trek license has long been eclipsed by more agile newcomers and successful reinventions of sci-fi mythologies. It is difficult to get past the fact that the last Star Trek film was a bland, insipid failure. The crude aim to replicate the satisfying denouement of the Shatter-generation crew in The Undiscovered Country felt uninspiring and formulaic. And for me, the slaying of Data in the third Act merely represented an exhausted act of self-parody, only further underlying that a zero-G vacuum had supplanted the heart of Gene Roddenberry’s original vision.

However, if someone is gonna revive the franchise and chart it into temerarious new places, its current director, J J Abrams, just might be the one. He is smart and inventive, and the current golden boy of Hollywood with two hugely popular shows on ABC. Although his last film was deemed unsuccessful by a media mostly blinded by Cruise hate, Mission Impossible III plundered a sizeable box office haul and wasn’t  terrible by any measure (it remains as my favourite installment of the trilogy, easily). Whether the Star Trek opera can accommodate the kinetic, realistic direction Abrams is taking it, however, remains to be seen.

Here’s the poster, resized and recropped into the Federation Delta badge from the larger images you can get on the site.


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