Friday Night Miscellany

Friday night and the weekend beckons. I’m hacking away at a course essay on a historically significant church figure but despite the lingering study obligations, the mid-semester break has brought a welcome shift in pace.

So, the countdown begins for the All Black’s final week of the tri-nations. It’s should be a fierce encounter. Still, if anything, the rugyb seasons decline is only making me anticipate the onrushing cricket calender more. Australia in India, us in Australia, and then the Calyspo Kings over here. Bring it, summer.

After delay upon delay, Spore was released today. Massively-hyped, and already predicted to sell 2 million units in September, the game that dares to ask what the Drake equation would look like on crack, has this usually sword-n-slash, sometimes pixel-fragger take notice. With complete evolutionary control over rearing a single-celled organism into a civilisation I’m tempted to break my self-imposed gaming hiatus and see if this was worth the wait. 

Anyway, a few things off the intraverse; news, links and items of interest – freshly delivered by the ninja tech elves.

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