Weekend Miscellany

Well, it’s Saturday and I am bemired in the early hours of the morning. The first day of the second cricket test between Bangladesh and the Black Caps has been abandoned, so I’m left to the rain and the sounds of a not-quite asleep city as I put together a power point presentation on New Atheism.

Anyway, a few items of interest from the intraverse.

  • A new Stargate splinter series, Stargate Universe focuses on a new crew, quest and setting. This time a group of explorers gate onto an Ancient ship, Destiny, and cannot return to Earth. More details and concept art on the SciFi.com site.
  • This is absolutely brillant. Viral marketing has began for Gentlemen Broncos, the new film from Napoleon Dynamiter, Jared Hess. Fox searchlight has set up a website about one of the central characters from the movie, a Dr Ronald Chevalier – played by our very own Jemaine Clement (from the Flight of the Conchords). There are two videos, one on inspiration and the other on the art of relaxating. Celestially classic.

  • AOL asks where the cast of Buffy are now?
  • CT referees, and adjudges it: Fireproof 1, Religulous 0. Really, they’re apples and oranges but for those that are counting, Fireproof has made 21 million and Bill Maher’s doco has pulled 9 million.
  • Though long rumoured, BioWare finally annouced its plans for a Star Wars MMO. As a Star Wars Galaxies junkie and big fan of BioWares original rpgs this should have been big for me. Yet, the art direction on this seems massively skewed to a WOW-clone. I’ll be watching, albeit circumspectly.

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