First poster revealed for Transformers 2


Peter Sciretta at Slashfilm has the new dark, angry poster for the upcoming sequel to the Transformers film, Revenge of the Fallen. The second movie in the franchise will again be directed by Michael Bay and retain most of the original cast, spearheaded by Shia LaBeouf.

Revenge of the Fallen

The first film revisited the Bay formula of kinetic action and epic spectacle with adequate success and I am excited about the look of this new one (head to USA Today and the latest issue of Empire Magazine for production shots). His previous films had been on a downward spiral, but Transformers managed to transcend the weakness of the script and the overpopulated cast of stars and characters. LaBeouf’s character brought some emotional connection through the first act and most of the second, but once he was sidelined as all the Transformers came to the fore and godzilla it out, the film relinquished clarity. Noise and spectacle took over and because any identification in the story had also been lost, so did any real engagement with the conflict and action. There is a danger in most sequels to go bigger and draw in more elements (even the Dark Knight – great movie that it was – suffered from excessive subplotting), and I can’t really see Bay avoiding this trap in Fallen. The original film surrendered basic story-telling features to create grand-scale action and explosive visuals (the motto of the Witwicky family of LaBeouf’s character: “No victory without sacrifice”, seems to be the way Bay prefers to direct). Yet it was impossible to deny some visceral thrill in the CGI-driven spectacle. Every time I saw Bumblebee or Prime transform or the numerous robotic battles, I felt like a deer in car lights. And that alone is enough for me to await this with eager anticipation.

I’ll post the hi-res version when it becomes available. The first teaser footage for Revenge of the Fallen is expected to be revealed at the Superbowl.

Updated with the new trailer.