Recasting reality: David Wells on the importance of truth

A quote from Christian theologian and cultural analyst, David Wells, from his book No Place for Truth or Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology?:

A Christian mind sees truth as objective. It seeks to understand reality as it is in-itself, not as it seems to the subject. The Christian mind has sought and found a way to understand life in the light of revelation; the modern mind rejects that light and turns instead to private experience for illumination. The Christian mind accepts God’s pronouncements concerning the meaning of life as the only true measure in that regard; the modern mind rejects such revelation as the figment of a religious imagination. Today, reality is so privatized and relativized that truth is often understood only in terms of what it means to each person. A pragmatic culture will see truth as whatever works for any given person. Such a culture will interpret the statement that Christianity is true to mean simply that Christianity is one way of life that has worked for someone, but that would not be to say any other way of life might not work just as well for someone else.

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