The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Dave Bish has pointed out three great sessions from the 2010 Newfrontiers Leadership conference that are worth listening to. The sessions are set up to address and assess three books that have become incredibly popular in the Christian world: Tim Keller’s The Reason for God, Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis and Tom Wright’s Surprised by Hope. Led by Andrew Wilson, Adrian Birks, and Mick Taylor, the panel considers each individual book’s strengths, weaknesses, and ways in which each they provoke and stimulate Christian thought. It’s a really helpful discussion, both in the content of their comments and the spirit in which they are given.

Download the mp3s:

Session 1 – Reinventing Apologetics: The Reason for God by Tim Keller

Led by Andrew Wilson, the panel examines Keller’s discussion of hell, whether an understanding of God’s passive wrath might undermine penal substitution, the importance of understanding the context of doubt, how we can draw the line between the literary genres of  the creation account and the fall narrative, death and evolution, and much more.

Session 2 – Hero or Heretic? Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell

Led by Adrian Birks, the panel assess the nature of doctrine, whether the theological emphases in the Velvet Elvis reflect Biblical emphases, the clarity of Bell’s presentation of the Gospel, how the current generation ask questions and arrive at answers, and more.

Session 3 – The Last Word on the Last Things: Surprised by Hope by Tom Wright

In this session, the panel analyze the corrective Wright is seeking to bring to the church’s understanding of eschatology, whether Jesus said nothing about his return, epistemology and  the resurrection, motivation in Christian service, and more.

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