Why truth should matter to us

Os Guinness, at the Third Lausanne Congress on Global Evangelization, offers six reasons why Christians should care about truth:

1. Only a high view of truth honors the God of Truth.
Truth is primarily a matter of theology. What faith believes corresponds to reality. Those who weaken their hold on truth, weaken their hold on God.

2. Only a high view of truth reflects how we come to know and trust God.
Faith is not a a psychological projection, an emotional crutch, or a matter of wish-fulfillment. Our faith is a warranted faith. We are those who think in believing, and who believe in thinking.

3. Only a high view of truth empowers our best human enterprises.

4. Only a high view of truth can undergird our proclamation and defense of the faith.
To abandon truth is to abandon faithfulness, and therefore to commit theological adultery and inevitable spiritual suicide.

5. Only a high view of truth is sufficient for resisting evil and hypocrisy.
Only with truth can we stand up to deception and manipulation. Truth is the absolute necessity for all who hate hypocrisy, all who care for justice, all who defend human dignity, and all who fight against evil.

6. Only a high view of truth will help our growth and transformation in Christ.
Our task is not just to believe the truth, or even to know and defend the truth. Our calling is to so to live in truth that we are shaped by truth in our innermost beings, until by the grace of God, we become people of truth.

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