I am currently a BA student, living in Auckland, New Zealand. Originally born in Whangarei; I am the outcome of the embrace of two cultures, east and west. I spent the first twelve years of my life traveling between New Zealand and Malaysia, among other diverse destinations, yet I’ve always and only ever seen myself as a Kiwi. My church background is open brethren but it was only post-High School that I fully committed my life to Christ. Life before that; how God’s grace found and saved me is another story that you’re welcome to ask me about over a cup of coffee.

Prior to study, I’ve worked in a few different occupations, but philosophy and hermeneutics have always been subjects that deeply resonate with me. Nietzsche and Kant were incendiaries that shifted the trajectories of my thought, while Spurgeon, Owen, Edwards and more recent writers such as Carson and Piper have all left their irrevocable fingerprints on my soul. I live on expository preaching, revere Plantinga and reformed epistemology, nurture an irrational dream to bowl leg spin for the Black Caps, idle inordinately after good cinema, and seek to make Acts 20:24 my Lebensanschauung. Aside from study, when not contending with philosophical quandaries such as solipsism, the limits of knowledge, or who would triumph in a battle of ninja versus pirates, I’m usually watching re-runs of Battlestar Galactica or the Mighty Boosh.