10 Myths About the Middle Ages

Listverse shows how the following  misconceptions about the Middle Ages (the period between the 5th century and the 16th century) are false:

1. People of the Middle Ages were crude and ignorant.
2. People in the Middle Ages believed the earth was flat.
3. Women were oppressed in the Middle Ages.
4. The Middle Ages were a time of great violence.
5. Peasants lived a life of drudgery and back-breaking work.
6. People didn’t bathe in the Middle Ages, therefore they smelled bad.
7. Peasants had thatched roofs with animals living in them.
8. The poor were kept in a state of near starvation.
9. Bibles were locked away to keep the people from seeing the “true word”.
10. The death penalty was common in the Middle Ages.

Read the whole thing.

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